Sonoma Overnight Support is a non-profit dedicated to helping the homeless through community service.

Our Mission

SOS is a nonprofit dedicated to shelter the homeless and feed the hungry in Sonoma and Sonoma Valley.

Our Values

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Sonoma Overnight Support was started in 2003... an effort to feed the hungry and house the homeless in Sonoma and Sonoma Valley. Our 2020 Annual Report, highlighting our accomplishments over the past decade and 2020 especially. Click the green button below to view the annual report in its entirety.

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What We Do

Our Team

Our board executive team is passionate about serving our community of Sonoma Valley

Kathy King

Executive Director

Elena Alioto


Jude Sales

Vice President

Judith Walsh


Our Board of Directors

Our board members who jointly supervise the activities of SOS and help us run smoothly


Juliette Andrews

Board Member

Sandy Sanchez

Board Member

Lora Grimes

Board Member

Jack Ding

Board Member

Our Supporting Partners

Our nonprofit could not function without our community and business partnerships. In 2018, SOS received $60,749 of in-kind food donations and $41,131 of in-kind donations of non-food items.

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